Institute of Sociology

Founded in 1960, the Department of Sociology has developed since then into a modern center of sociological teaching and research. Six professors examine current social issues. What they have in common is their empirical focus.

We offer two degree courses: BA in Sociology and MA in Sociology with focus on empirical social research. Research and teaching at our department cover a broad spectrum of issues and methods which is also supplemented by workshops. We focus on the following topic areas:

Migration, Education and Life Course

In this area, we teach and research social realities and problematization of migration and diversity, socio-structural factors of differing educational pathways, and the interactions between individual life courses and institutional structures and areas of activity.

Gender - Bodies - Knowledge

Various phenomena such as gender, technology, media, the body, and related social practices and knowledge systems are the focus here. Supposedly inherent differences, e.g. between the genders, are recognized as the result of cultural knowledge systems and social values.

Social Inequalities and Institutions

In this research area we examine social inequality, how it arises, and its consequences for individual life courses but also for social structures. The focus is placed in particular on institutional conditions of structuring social inequality (job market, welfare state).

Qualitative and Quantitative Methods

In research and teaching, the department has expertise in the area of methods and methodologies of empirical social research.  A broad spectrum of procedures are taught in theory and practice, including the three-semester MA research training project.

State-of-the-art equipment and individual mentoring

The department has its own library and modern infrastructure for research and teaching (pool of computers with statistics software, CATI-laboratory for telephone surveys). An extensive tutor program makes for an optimal mentoring ratio for students.  All seminar rooms are equipped with modern presentation media and facilitate high-level teaching.

Student counsellor (left) and student