Institute of Sociology


Access to computer pool

The computer pool at the Department of Sociology contains about 20 computers. Access is available via the student account, which is assigned by the center of data processing (ZDV). At times the pool is used for classes and is not accessible for general users. A plan of teaching times can be found at the door of the computer pool and can be seen online.

Opening hours

The current opening hours are available via the web page of Bibliotheksverwaltung.

Printing via the shared network printer at the computer pool

It is not possible anymore to print via the network printer at the computer pool and to pay with credit of the student account. Prospectively, printing will available at a new copier room in the basement of the Hegelbau, which will be run by Morgenstern Printing Company. Thus, in future it will be possible to send print jobs to one of the network copiers and to get access to it via the student member card.

The realization of printing opportunities will be possible only after clarification of fire prevention questions and after necessary renovation work. We ask for your understanding that this process can last a longer period of time. Please send complaints about insufficient possibilities of printing to the construction department of the central university administration (”Bauabteilung der Zentralen Universitätsverwaltung”).

Current software equipment

Further software can be installed on request.

If you have further questions, please contact the IT-support: