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Application Guidelines

Application Guidelines for Internship and Job



Two portable beamers are available at the departmental office (R 107).
Reservation by e-mail is advisable.


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Contact Person

Marc Schwenzer, M.A.
Eberhard-Karls-Universität Tübingen, Institut of Soziologie, Wilhelmstr. 36, 72074 Tübingen
E-Mail: catispam


Facilitator's Toolbox

A facilitator's toolbox is available at the institute. If required please send an e-mail to one of the secretaries:




Forms related to Internship



Search for a placement:

The Praxisportal is the focal internship and job portal of the university of Tübingen.

The homepage of the student council also provides a wealth of links for internship and job offers.


Forms (see under F/Forms related to Internship)



Key Qualifikations (Module So-B7)

The module So-B7 covers inter-disciplinary and career-oriented courses, not strictly subject-related.
In addition to the courses directly linked to the module, a variety of other courses are eligible.

List of acknowledged key qualification courses for the summer term 2019

You will find more interesting career-oriented key qualifications on the following websites:

More courses may be acknowledged on request.



Three laptops are available at the department. They can be borrowed from the department's secretary ( room 107).

Prior reservation by email is recommended.


Literature Research

Literature research / Online catalogue / Databases

You may need to activate the remote access from outside the university campus.

  • Books and journals on site in the UB Uni-Tübingen
  • Articles and reviews in journals are available in JSTOR
  • Database search through a wide variety of media in WISO


Multimedia Equipment

The multimedia installation in rooms R 101, R 119 und R 119 A comprises:

  • - a height-adjustable desk
  • - a presenter with small control monitor
  • - switchboard with HDMI, VGA and mini-jack cables
  • - two loudspeakers firmly mounted on the wall
  • - beamer at the ceiling

The equipment is nearly identical in all three rooms and can be used intuitively. See also the illustrated operating manual ( in German). The illustrations show the presenter in R 119, the one in R 101 looks slighty different, but is even easier to use.

Please note:

  • The height is adjusted by two push buttons at the front edge of the table.
  • The control monitor shows what is being projected onto the screen behind. The monitor is firmly connected to the presenter and you need not separately switch it on and off.
  • The mini jack cable is only needed in conjunction with the VGA cable to transmit the sound. The HDMI cable transmits picture and sound at the same time.



The Ifsoz newsletter provides essential information about organizing your sociology studies.

You will be notified about application deadlines, up-to-date lists of available courses, information sessions about studies and career, in particular specialist lectures, current internship offers, job postings and a lot more ...

Application for the Ifsoz-Newsletter which is free of charge.



Link to the award-winning scholarship platform:

Scientific Writing

Writing Centre

The Diversity Oriented Writing Centre offers courses, counselling and a lot more you may want to know about scientific writing.


Secretaries' offices:

Departmental Office: R 107


Ms. Svitlana Benz: Mon-Fri 8-13 (R 114) / (Prof. Groß, Prof.Schober).


Ms. Karin Schlotterer: Mon-Fri 8-12 (R 105) / (Prof. Hillmert).


Sociological Associations

  • German Society for Sociology ("Deutsche Gesellschaft für Soziologie") - DGS
  • Professional body of German sociologists ("Berufsverband deutscher Soziologen") - BDS
  • Academy for sociology (Akademie für Soziologie) - AS
  • Student Sociology Congress ("Studentischer Soziologiekongress")
  • Student Sociology Magazin ("Studentisches Soziologiemagazin")


Software, licensed for use by university employees and students:

Campus Software Portal


Spring- and Summer Schools

Spring- and Summer Schools (engl./summarized info)

Please switch to the German language version to receive more detailed information.

Study Course Search


Find the right study course on



ZDV (Central Data Processing Unit)

The ZDV offers software packages free of charge and a comprehensive range of courses.

The Remote-Access offers access to the intranet via external providers. Thus, you can view journals or fully digitalized texts at the university library.