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Please note the new regulations on the recognition of key qualifications for student support activities and extra-curricular commitment!

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Recognition of key qualifications

Recognition of key qualifications
Please note the new regulations regarding the award of credits for student assistant work and other extra-curricular activities!

For the recognition of courses  as well as achievements as a tutor in the interdisciplinary career-oriented supplementary area of the BA programme in Sociology (Module So-B7)

1.  Recognition of courses

From the range of courses offered by the Studium Professionale in the winter semester 2018/19, the courses mentioned below are generally recognised as key qualifications within the framework of the BA course in Sociology. To have these courses credited, please contact the examination office directly with your proof of performance/certificate.

In addition, other courses (Studium Professionale, Career Service, ZDV, Weltethos, Schreibdidaktisches Zentrum, etc.) can also be recognised upon request. In particular, courses on world languages (English, French, Spanish), rhetoric, writing skills, IT skills, vocational training courses and courses on data analysis are considered to be useful.

2. Recognition of achievements as a student assistant

Achievements that were made as part of an employment relationship as a student assistant at the University of Tübingen can be recognised as a key qualification in the BA course of studies in Sociology to the extent of up to 8 ETCS. For the purposes of recognition, a distinction is made between several types of activities:

  • Work as a tutor (accompanying a lecture or seminar) for a minimum of 1 semester: 2 ECTS
  • Work as a tutor during the orientation week: 1 ECTS for one year, 2 ECTS for 2 years
  • Work as a student assistant for a minimum of one year: 2 ECTS
  • Work as a member of the student body (Fachschaft) for a minimum of one year: 2 ECTS
  • Work as a member of an official departmental or university commission for a minimum of 1 year: 2 ECTS

Please note: ECTS-credits can be awarded only once for being a tutor, working as student assistant, being a member of the student body or being a member of a commission.

List of recognized courses/activities (in German)

Transition Regulations

Due to the re-accreditation of the BA and MA degree programs in sociology, transitional regulations are required for the students of these degree programmes.

Bachelor students: the new study and examination regulations apply from the winter semester 2018/19 and apply to all BA students, including students in the minor subject of sociology. It is not possible to opt for remaining in the old study regulations, as a transition to the new regulations is possible without any disadvantages.

Master students: the new study and examination regulations will apply from the winter semester 2018/19 to all students who have commenced their MA studies before the semester in question. There is an 'opt-out' rule: if you have special reasons to stay in the previous study programme, you should apply to the Examination Office for a stay until 31.3.2019. All other students will automatically be transferred to the new MA.

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New regulations for the submission of bachelor theses

In force since March 2018:

Students need to submit their BA work simultaneously to the service counter of the Examination Office (i.e. not directly to Mr. Löser) and to the respective examiner/lecturer. The latter determines whether he/she would like to receive a paper version in addition to the electronic version.
The date of receipt at the service counter of the Examination Office is decisive for the submission date.

Changes for the winter semester 2019/20

  • The application deadline for the MA in Sociology will be 15 June 2019.
  • The main subject of sociology is restricted. Sociology as a minor subject is not restricted.