Institute of Sociology

Taster Courses for School Students

During the open day, secondary school students, secondary school graduates, or others who are interested can attend selected lectures and seminars at the Department of Sociology. The open day is intended to help with choosing a degree program and give a first impression of what studying at university is like.


What needs to be done?

If you want to participate in one of the courses with a larger group, please first contact the lecturer to make sure there is enough space. If you take part in one of the courses in the middle of the semester, it possible that you won’t understand everything. Lectures and seminars build up knowledge during the semester, and if you did not attend at the start of the semester, you will lack this previous knowledge. But don’t let that worry you: Later, during your studies, you will learn the information from the start to the end of the semester so you won’t have any problems following the material.


You can find the courses offered for the open day for school students and other information on the University of Tübingen's open day page.