Institute of Sociology

Campus Course Registration

Time Limits

Course registrations for sociology courses are made in the campus management system, unless otherwise announced. For the summer semester 2019 the course registration takes place in four phases.

05.03.–27.03.2019 Courses of applied sociology (modules B5.1 and B5.2) and lecture tutorials
30.03.–07.04.2019 Allocation of remaining places in B5-courses and lecture tutorials
05.03.–14.07.2019 block seminars (students should register before the start of the respective seminar)
05.03.–23.04.2019 all other courses

 Changes and cancellations are possible at any time up to the end of the phase.


Registration Procedure and Allocation of Seats

To note:

  • When registering for a course in the campus system, you can set priorities for the B5 courses and lecture tutorials. The scale ranges from 1 (very high) to 3 or 4 (very low). As a rule, the more priorities you set, the better your chances of getting a place.
    If more students choose a course as their first priority than there are places available, the decision will be made by lot, regardless of the date of registration. Those who do not get into the course of his/her 1st priority will take part in the allocation of places for the course of his/her 2nd priority and so on. The time of the registration (as long as it takes place within the given deadline) does not play a role in the allocation of places.
  • Please note that the system cannot check whether the prerequisites for participation have been met. Please read the corresponding comments before registering, otherwise you may register for courses that you are not (yet) allowed to attend.
  • All messages originating from the university's online systems are sent to your official university e-mail address. Please check this mailbox regularly or set up a redirection.