Institute of Sociology

Bachelor's in Sociology as a Major Subject

The Bachelor's and Master's programs in Sociology introduced at the Department of Sociology in the winter semester 2007/08 have been reaccredited in a revised form for the winter semester 2018/19.

In the Bachelor’s program, the concentration is on conveying scientifically founded qualifications focused on practical applications and professions.

This does justice to the fact that in many professional fields, e.g. market and opinion research, organization consulting, technology and innovation design, policy advising, media, education, public relations work, or gender equality policies, there is a need for sociologically qualified graduates who have not first specialized in a specific professional profile.

The special profile of Tübingen’s Sociology programs

lies in linking a broad education in qualitative and quantitative methods of empirical social research with conveying well-founded knowledge of theory. The focus on professional qualification in the BA is highlighted by a mandatory internship. You can find detailed information on the how the degree program is structured in the module handbook for the BA in Sociology.

Module Overview

Recommended Course Plan

Further information on the BA program in Sociology