Institute of Sociology

Minor subjects

In the Bachelor’s in Sociology, in addition to the major in Sociology, the following subjects may be chosen as minor subjects until further notice if they can be studied according to regular procedures at the University of Tübingen with a scope of 60 credit points:

Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences

Historical and Cultural Anthropology (EKW), Education, Political Science, Economics and Business Administration


Faculty of Philosophy

all established B.A. minor subjects of the former Faculty of Cultural Studies, History, General Rhetoric, General Linguistics, English Languages and Literatures, Computational Linguistics, German Studies, International Literatures, Media Studies, French Studies, Italian Studies, Spanish Studies, Portuguese Studies, Scandinavian Studies, Slavic Studies

Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences


Faculty of Law

Public Law, Criminal Law, Civil Law

Other minors can be approved upon request and with the consent of the other Faculty.

See §3 of the examination regulations 2018/19 for the Bachelor's in Sociology.