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As part of the Bachelor's major in Sociology an internship and an internship colloquium (module So-B6) are compulsory. The internship is intended to prepare students for a career as a sociologist. On the other hand, a concrete career aspiration can also influence the choice of the internship. Numerous personal counselling offers and information portals are available to help you with all aspects of the internship, from the search for a suitable placement to the recognition of the internship.


Our team of advisors helps to find an appropriate placement, advises on questions of internship recognition and issues important certificates.

Search for an Internship

You can find internship offers on the following websites:

Please also note our application information:

Application tips (in German)

You can find out whether and to which extent your desired internship is relevant to your studies from the internship counselling service. Before you start your internship, make sure that this internship can be recognised as an examination performance according to module So-B6.

Internship Colloquium

As part of the Bachelor's internship module So-B6, a colloquium must be attended. It serves to accompany and reflect on the internship between the 3rd and 6th semester. Special attention is paid to the mutual benefit of study contents and practical experience. The practical experience and activities will be presented to the other participants during this course. The presentation is part of the examination performance of module So-B6 and is based on the  internship report.

The internship colloquium should be taken after or during the internship.

Registration is via the campus system.