Institute of Sports Science

BGM vital - Service centre for addressee-oriented occupational health management in SME

The project "BGM vital" is an interdisciplinary joint project sponsored by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). The joint project falls within the field of implementation research on occupational health management (OHM) in small and medium-sized enterprises (SME). The aim is to provide SME with sustainable support in the area of OHM through a target group-oriented service centre with a dicersity-sensitive tool for action.


In order to actively maintain and promote health in working life, measures are bundled in occupational health management. The aim is to reduce burdens and strenghten resources. Small and medium-sized enterprieses are often left alone when it comes to health promotion.

The focus of the project is on supporting SME, in which people with a migration background are employed. Through the development of diversity-sensitive strategies in occupational health management, companies are supported in setting up a health-promoting organisation.

Goal and approach

The aim of the joint project is a scientifically sound support concept in the form of a web-based OHM service centre. Various services will be developed, such as

  • an aid to assessing the need for OHM,
  • a questionnaire to identify work-related health types,
  • an expert database with background information on OHM,
  • a hotline for questions and exchange.

For this purpose, the project partners from different areas, occupational medicine, media science and sports science, work closely together with companies. An aid to action developed in an interdisciplinary exchange takes cultural, age- and gender-specific differences into account. Targeted measures will be implemented in a service centre, which will make it easier to get involved in occupational health management.

The participating companies help to gain insights into the specific needs of employees with a migration background and to take cultural influences into account. One focus of the subproject of the Institute of Sports Science is the identification of individual profiles of occupational health literacy and health of employees (so-called health types). Through this characterisation of different groups of people, targeted strategies for occupational health management can be derived.