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Protective factors for mental health during the Covid-19 pandemic

The Covid-19 pandemic represents a challenge and burden for a large part of the population. Empirical evidence suggests negative consequences of quarantine and social distancing measures on mental health such as depression, anxiety and sleep disorders. In this study, we want to investigate how social distancing measures applied during the COVID-19 pandemic affect mental health in Germany. We further want to investigate specific protective factors such as social support and physical activity in order to generate a scientific basis for targeted psychosocial interventions.

Study schedule

The study is based on online questionnaires. Survey dates are: April 2020, May/June 2020 and once the restrictions are stopped.

How can I participate in the study?

If you have already participated in the first and second survey period, we will inform you as soon as the third survey period starts.

The online study meets all data protection requirements according to the DSVGO guidelines. The study was approved by the local ethics committee for research at the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences at the University of Tübingen. All data will be stored pseudonymized without allowing conclusions to be drawn about your person.

With your participation you contribute to a better understanding of mental health in crisis situations. The aim is to use the results to derive interventions for the current pandemic and prevention measures for future pandemics.

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