Institute of Sports Science

Research Line 3: Participatory health research

Participatory health research aims to develop innovative strategies in the research of health and physical activity promotion and thus to improve the conditions for a long and healthy life for all people.

We develop and test participatory strategies for physical activity-oriented health promotion, examine and evaluate existing approaches and projects in this area, advise on and support participation in a variety of research projects. In particular, we conduct research on accessibility and reach for specific (especially vulnerable) population groups in different settings and on the sustainable transferability of research results and interventions into the everyday lives of those affected as well as into the work of relevant actors in various fields and policy areas, such as sport, health, education, social affairs or urban development.

Our current projects in this research area take place in old people's homes (BaSAlt), in municipalities (Gesundheitsregionplus) and in health care (MIWOCA). Project funding ranges from federal ministries (BMG) and health insurance funds to funds from the Swiss National Fund (SNF).

The research area is closely linked to the Interdepartmental Research Institute for Physical Activity and Sport (VERLINKEN) at the University of Tübingen.