Institute of Sports Science

Andreas Dietrich

Institute of Sports Science
Alberstraße 27,
Room 106
  07071 29-78411
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  • Event management
  • Experiential education
  • Education
  • Snowsports – Alpine skiing
  • Didactics and methodology of coordination training

Refereeing work

  • Subject-coordinator for snowsports, kayaking, rowing, ski touring, fixed-rope-climbing and climbing
  • Responsible Manager for Sponsoring at the Institut of Sports Science
  • Responsible Manager for the Internship-Office
  • Responsible Manager for university sports excursions

Short vita

Since 2001
Academic Employee at the Institute of Sports Science

University of Tübingen

1994 - 2001
Referent for Sports

DJK-Diözesansportverband Rottenburg-Stuttgart

Education Science and Sports Science (M.A.), Institut of Sports Science, Institut of Education

University of Tübingen


  • Chairman of the German Ski Association (DSV) ski school Hochschulsport University of Tübingen
  • Member of the steering committee at Stadtverband für Sport (SFS), Tübingen
  • Responsible Manager of the project „Pink Paddling Dragonboat“, Tübingen