Institute of Sports Science

Dr. Judith Wais (geb. Deprins)

Institute of Sports Science
Alberstraße 27,
Room 105
  07071 29-76420
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Main research

  • Sports activity at running events (health and social science aspects)
  • Evaluation of running events
  • Exercise therapy in medical rehabilitation (team-related aspects)
  • Physical exercise and well-being

Short vita


University of Tübingen

Since 2016
Research assistant and PhD student Institute of Sports Science

University of Tübingen

Master's degree in Sport Science (specialization in health promotion)

University of Tübingen

Bachelor's degree in Sport Science (specialization in health promotion)

University of Tübingen

Selected publications

Journal articles

  • Geidl, W., Sudeck, G., Wais, J. & Pfeifer, K. (2020). Bewegungsförderung in der Bewegungstherapie: aktuelle Ergebnisse des Forschungsprojektes „Bewegungstherapie in der medizinischen Rehabilitation“. Bewegungstherapie und Gesundheitssport, 36 (1), 43-44. doi: 10.1055/a-0976-4072
  • Geidl, W., Wais, J., Fangmann, C., Demisse, E., Pfeifer, K. & Sudeck, G. (2019). Physical activity promotion in daily exercise therapy: the perspectives of exercise therapists in German rehabilitation settings. BMC Sports Science, Medicine and Rehabilitation, 11, 28. doi: 10.1186/s13102-019-0143-7
  • Deprins, J., Geidl, W., Streber, R., Pfeifer, K. & Sudeck, G. (2019). Konzeptionelle Grundlagen der Bewegungstherapie in der medizinischen Rehabilitation: Ergebnisse einer bundesweiten Bestandsaufnahme. Rehabilitation, 58 (6), 366-375. doi: 10.1055/a-0808-0814
  • Sudeck, G., Geidl, W., Deprins, J. & Pfeifer, K. (2019) [Epub ahead of print]. The role of physical activity promotion in typical exercise therapy concepts: a latent class analysis based on a national survey in German rehabilitation settings. Disability and Rehabilitation. doi: 10.1080/09638288.2019.1608322
  • Geidl, W., Deprins, J., Streber, R., Cassar, S., Portenlänger, F., Sudeck, G., & Pfeifer, K. (2019). Exercise therapy and physical activity promotion: Do exercise therapists assess or receive information on clients’ relevant personal factors? A national survey from Germany. European Journal of Physiotherapy. doi: 10.1080/21679169.2019.1617776
  • Geidl, W., Deprins, J., Streber, R., Rohrbach, N., Sudeck, G. & Pfeifer, K. (2018). Exercise therapy in medical rehabilitation: study protocol of a national survey at facility and practitioner level with a mixed method design. Contemporary Clinical Trials Communications, 11, 37-45. doi: 10.1016/j.conctc.2018.05.004
  • Geidl, W., Fangmann, C., Deprins, J., Pfeifer, K. & Sudeck, G. (2018). Inhalte und Methoden der Bewegungsförderung in der Bewegungstherapie: Die Sichtweisen bewegungstherapeutischer Akteure in der medizinischen Rehabilitation. Bewegungstherapie und Gesundheitssport, 34 (4), 162-167. doi: 10.1055/a-0641-8239

Functions and memberships

  • Head of organizational management of the „Tübinger Erbe-Lauf“ (City Run of Tübingen)