Institute of Sports Science

Carmen Volk

Institute of Sports Science
Wilhelmstraße 124,
1st Floor, Room 101
  07071 29-76046
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Main research

  • Promotion of physical-activity related health competence (PAHCO) in physical education
  • Diagnostic of health-related fitness knowledge of adolescents

Short vita

Since 2014
Research Assistant in the department of Sport Psychology and Research Methods at the Institute of Sports Science

University of Tübingen

Master’s degree in Sports Science (specialization in health promotion)

University of Tübingen

Bachelor’s degree in Sports Science (specialization in health promotion)

University of Tübingen

Selected publications

Journal articles

  • Haible, S., Volk, C., Demetriou, Y., Höner, O., Thiel, A., Trautwein, U., Sudeck, G. (2019). Promotion of physical activity-related health competence in physical education: study protocol for the GEKOS cluster randomized controlled trial. BMC Public Health, 19(1), 396. doi: 10.1186/s12889-019-6686-4
  • Haible, S., Volk, C., Demetriou, Y., Höner, O., Thiel, A. & Sudeck, G. (2020). Physical Activity-Related Health Competence, Physical Activity, and Physical Fitness: Analysis of Control Competence for the Self-Directed Exercise of Adolescents. International Journal of Environmental Reserach and Public Health, 17(1), 39. doi: 10.3390/ijerph17010039

Presentations and Abstracts

  • Haible, S., Volk, C., Demetriou, D., Höner, O., Thiel, A. & Sudeck, G. (2017). Lernaufgaben zur Förderung der bewegungsbezogenen Gesundheitskompetenz im Sportunterricht. In PH Freiburg, Programm GFD-KOFADIS-Tagung „Fachdidaktische Forschung zur Lehrerbildung" 27. bis 29. September 2017 an der Pädagogischen Hochschule Freiburg i. Br. (S. 163-164). Freiburg: PH Freiburg.
  • Volk, C., Demetriou, Y. & Höner, O. (2015). Gesundheitsbezogenes Fitness-Wissen im Kindes- und Jugendalter: Ein systematischer Review zur Diagnostik. 22. Sportwissenschaftlicher Hochschultag, Mainz.

Functions and memberships

  • 2015-2017 Member of the board of spokespersons "Junior researchers" of German Society of Sport Science (dvs)