In our research we focus on the individual, social and institutional determinants of learning processes. Some of our key research questions include:

Our main research areas

Research in the MINT disciplines:


Educational effectiveness:


Methodological studies:


Academic self-concepts and values as motivators in the context of academic achievement:


Individuals, situations and their interaction: Research in the field of "personality:"


Quality of teaching and professional competence of teachers:


We take an evidence-based, integrated approach to research with a focus on international exchange. We believe that the quality of educational processes and policies needs to be validated empirically. In all our studies, we utilize the most reliable and valid statistical methods in educational research and regularly present our findings to the international community through leading educational and psychological conferences and journals. Furthermore, we aim to extend our commitment to the international research community via collaboration and partnership, utilizing a cross-disciplinary approach. Thus we seek to work with researchers and colleagues in psychology and educational sciences as well as in mathematics, linguistics, statistics, economics and sports science. Given that empirical research is critical to educational systems world-wide, we believe collaboration is of central importance.