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Conference on the effects of international tax rules

The Research School of International Taxation (RSIT) hosted the biennial RSIT conference of the DFG-funded Research Unit FOR 2738 “Understanding the Behaviour of Multinational Corporations in the Context of International Tax Institutions” in Tübingen.

Junior and senior Researchers from the Universities of Ingolstadt, Duisburg-Essen, Köln, Mannheim, Münster and Tübingen came together to present ongoing research. Professor Rita de la Feria (University of Leeds and Oxford University Centre for Business Taxation), an expert in tax law and tax policy, delivered a keynote lecture on the global fairness of the global minimum tax. 

The objective of the research unit FOR 2738 is to provide a comprehensive analysis of the effects of international tax rules on intended and unintended margins of multinational firm activity and their consequences for economic outcomes and welfare. The goal is to bring the literature forward by making fundamental contributions including the compilation of an extensive dataset on tax rules suitable for quantitative research and to inform policymakers' decisions.

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