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Do you have questions about career planning and job opportunities? Do you already know in which area or professional field you would like to work after graduating?

Find events where experts from the field, often alumni, pass on their experiences to you. You can also make contacts that make it easier for you to start your career. On this webside we display coming events to help you with your networking, job orientation and practical experiences.

As most of our events are in German, you may find more on our German website.

Upcoming Events in Tübingen

Oded Stark: "Advanced Perspectives in the Analytics and Policy Design of International Migration" - Course for students who are working on topics related to international migration

This is to alert you to a course that should be of particular interest to Master and PhD students who are working on topics related to international migration. The course is taught by Professor Oded Stark who is an internationally renowned migration expert known for his pioneering research on decision-theoretic modeling of migration. Oded Stark is an Adjunct Professor of our faculty. The course is taught in a remote fashion. More details can be found here. If you are interested to attend the course, please send an email stating your field of study and semester, no later than April 30th.

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