School of Business and Economics

The Mentoring-Concept

The Mentoringpogram was created to connect alumni with students from the subject area Economics and to encourage them, to have a career-enhancing exchange. In fact, it is a matter of One-to-One-Mentoring on a voluntary basis. Mentors and Mentees are allowed to decide themselves how often and how concretely (via mobile calls, Skype, etc.) they´d like to participate in the program. A one year term is therefore suggested, but the program can be contiued further informally. 



Mentors benefit from many advantages, such as:

  • Reflection of the own career
  • Staying in touch with the Alma Mater and follow the current status of research and teaching 
  • Take the mentoring as a possibility for recruiting 
  • Expand the professional network 

Mentees are benefited in many ways too:

  • Networking
  • Career-consultation 
  • Accompaniment in personal development 
  • Advancement through many suggestions and experiences from the mentors 
  • Support, for instance whilst preparations for job interviews


In conclusion, the mentoringprogram is ideal for everyone, who´s looking for assistance in a successful working life.


WiWi-Network e.V.

The  Wiwi-Network association was founded 2011 in Tübingen and sees itself as alumni- and supportassociation in Economics at the University of Tübingen. The association´s board consist of representatives of alumni, employees and students. The WiWi-Network supports guest lectures and offers workshops to exciting themes, like careercoaching and negotiation-training. Another goal is to connect econimists of Tübingen. Therefore are produced books for freshmen and yearbooks, organized events like "Alumni tell" and the new mentoringprogram has been brought to life. The vision of the WiWi-Network is to keep an association culture alive, which contains projects, events and PR-work from student members whilst they get in touch with alumni. More informations about the WiWi-Network and membership are located here.