Economic Education

Bilingual Economic Education


The ongoing globalisation calls forth a need to increase intercultural and economic competences as well as language skills. Bilingual (economic) education is one possible format to achieve this goal from an early age. It requires a high level of teacher professionalism. However, research in the field of bilingual education mainly focuses on students' learning outcomes and not on teachers' professional competence. To address this research gap, in the research project, we will first conduct a systematic literature review on the generel competence requirements for bilingual teachers. Subsequently, a questionnaire and interviews will be used to find out the views of trainee teachers and lecturers on professional bilingual teachers of economics, geography and politics. As a next step, the professional competences of bilingual (economics) trainee teachers will be assessed at the teacher training seminars. Building on this, a higher education seminar on bilingual economic teaching will be developed.The project thus contributes to an improved understanding of bilingual economic education and provides practical measures for successful bilingual (economic) teacher education.


Partner: Prof. Dr. Andreas Lachner (Institute of Education)