Economic Education

Visual Representations


Visual representations such as graphs and charts are important tools to make data and models more understandable. In this research project, we investigated how 8th graders can read data graphs; how visual representations are used in secondary economic education; and lastly, how learners can be supported in integrating graphs and text. The three studies of this project are part of the dissertation of Malte Ring "Visual Representations in Economic Education From an Interdisciplinary Perspective" (

Currently, we analyze the representational competence of preservice teachers and are interested in how well they can read and interpret visualizations of economic principles, such as the supply-and-demand model.


Sponsor: Tübingen School of Educations (TüSE) within the framework of the funding line 1 of the state of Baden-Wuerrtemberg.

Partners: Prof. Dr. Christopf Randler (Didaktik der Biology/Biology Didactics), Prof. Dr. Katharina Scheiter (Leibniz-Institut für Wissensmedien/Knowledge Media Research Center)