Economic Education

Peter Fluhrer, Dipl.-Hdl.


Entrepreneurship Education. Positioning as entrepreneurial competence.

Within the context of his thesis, Peter Fluhrer focuses on the question of how entrepreneurs develop the competence to position themselves with their business idea on the market and what requirements are associated with this.

Up to now, entrepreneurial competences in the context of Entrepreneurship Education have mainly been associated with the development and implementation of business ideas. In increasingly saturated markets and times with low attention spans, however, Entrepreneurial Marketing is the prerequisite for successfully establishing a business idea.

On the empirical basis of four focus group interviews, this study will first analyse how entrepreneurs proceed in the positioning process and which skills they consider relevant. Then it will be investigated how the learning of these skills can be promoted in different educational contexts.


  • Peter Fluhrer studied Business Education and Theology at the University of Hohenheim and continued his education at the University of Heidelberg with a Master's degree in Counselling Science. After a successful trainee program, he worked as a specialist for personnel development in the automotive industry until he moved to the communication/creative industry in 2016.
  • Peter Fluhrer holds seminars and workshops on career orientation, positioning and business modeling. He is founder and organiser of the Tübingen TEDx Conferences.


Marcus Jägle, M.Sc.


Company internal collaboration models and their design on the background of digital transformation

This thesis aims, amongst other things, to identify factors of digital transformation and to investigate the cross-industry effects they have on companies of various sizes.

Building on this analysis, internal collaboration models will be evaluated to determine the extent to which they allow an appropriate response to the effects of digital transformation identified in the first step.

Finally, a conceptual proposal will be developed on how an internal collaboration model for a company in the regulated sector could look like in the age of digital transformation.


  • Marcus Jägle holds a Master's degree in Industrial Engineering and Management from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (former University of Karlsruhe) and works as Manager Digitalization and Agile Coach for Netze BW.
  • Professionally and privately, his interests lie in the areas of digitalization and agility, where he is active as a consultant and coach.

Andreas Schuler, M.Sc.


Analysis of financial literacy offers in German schools

In literature as well as in the media, there are many reports on the need to teach financial literacy in schools through systematically organised learning and educational processes. On this background, this research project examines to what extent the curricula and textbooks of selected German states provide for the teaching of key competencies in the field of financial literacy.

This analysis is based on the "OECD/INFE Core Competencies Framework on Financial Literacy for Youth", which defines competencies that 15- to 18-year-old students should have in the area of financial literacy. The analysis of textbooks also examines the process of teaching, i.e. the didactic approach chosen in the textbooks, in more details.


  • Andreas Schuler completed his studies in Economics at the University of Mainz in March 2018 and has been working at the Deutsche Bundesbank since then. There, he works in the staff of the President in the head office in Baden-Wuerttemberg, among other things in the field of Economic Education.
  • In addition, he teaches at the Duale Hochschule Baden-Wuerttemberg (University of Cooperative Education) and supervises seminar papers and thesis.