Chair of Economic History

The chair does research in the area of Economic History and offers the results and knowledge to other researchers, students and interested person on different ways.

Director: Prof. Dr. Jörg Baten


Melanchthonstrasse 30 | 72074 Tübingen | Germany


+49 7071 29-78167
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Business hours (for administrative issues)

Monday to Thursday


Further information


Publication: A History of Global Economy

Edited by Prof. Baten -  Cambridge University Press

Why are some parts of the world poor today, while others are rich? At which point in time did they diverge, and what were the reasons? These core questions are addressed in a concise and accessible introduction to global economic development since 1500.

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Post exam review

The review for the HT- and NT-exam "E363 International Development Economics and Economic History " will take place on Monday 12.11., Tuesday 13.11. and Wednesday 14.11. during our office hours. Please register by sending an Email to wisogespam until 11.11.2018 and please inform us about your preferred date.