Letters of Recommendation

We are willing to provide letters of recommendation in support of student applications for studies abroad, scholarships, and master and PhD programs. However, we do so only for students who took at least two of our courses. Note, that we do NOT provide letters of recommendation without any specific academic reasoning.

  1. Please hand in your request for a letter of recommendation at least 4 weeks prior to your deadline. Requests that are submitted later cannot be accepted.
  2. Submit all your material in one e-mail.
  3. If you need a letter of recommendation for the "Dezernat für Internationale Beziehungen", please fill in your personal data and the desired location in the Gutachten Formular.
  4. Please provide us the following information:

Please send the e-mail to secretary.v3( at)wiwi.uni-tuebingen.de. We will complete your letter of recommendation. If you have to send the letter of recommendation yourself, you will be notified when it is ready to be picked up at the chair during office hours.

Credit accreditation from abroad

We ask for your understanding that our chair cannot offer individual counseling on your exchange year. The following guidelines should help you to prepare for credit accreditation at our chair. (Please compare also to the guidelines of the examination office).

We handle credit transfers only for courses in the field of “International Macroeconomics and Finance ”. Please note that courses pertaining to the field of “Banking and Finance” should be handed in for credit transfer at the department of Banking (Prof. Neus).

Before going abroad

After returning home

In order to get a credit accreditation you need the respective (yellow) accreditation form handed out by the examination office. Once you obtained this form please contact: alexander.dietrich( at)uni-tuebingen.de. Your e-mail should include:

In case the original material is not in German or English, please provide summaries in English or German (not required for term papers, exercise sheets etc.).

Note: When the accreditation form is filled in you are supposed to pick it up at the chair (during office hours of Alexander Dietrich). We do NOT send it further to any other chair.