Recent Publications by Prof. Dr. Gernot Müller

 Exit expectations and debt crises in currency unions, with Alexander Kriwoluzky and Martin Wolf, Journal of International Economics, forthcoming
Monetary policy announcements and expectations: Evidence from German firms, with Zeno Enders and Franziska Hünnekes, Journal of Monetary Economics, forthcoming
The costs of economic nationalism: Evidence from the Brexit Experiment, with Benjamin Born, Petr Sedlacek, and Moritz Schularick, The Economic Journal, forthcoming
Does austerity pay off?, with Benjamin Born and Johannes Pfeifer, Review of Economics and Statistics, forthcoming

Fiscal policy coordination in currency unions at the effective lower bound, with Thomas Hettig, Journal of International Economics 115, 80-98, November 2018

Fixed on flexible: Rethinking exchange rate regimes after the Great Recession, with Giancarlo Corsetti and Keith Kuester, IMF Economic Review 65(3), 586-632, August 2017

Deleveraging, deflation and depreciation in the euro area, with D. Kuvshinov and M. Wolf, European Economic Review 88, 42-66, September 2016

Further Research

Research by Prof. Dr. Christian Manger

Ethnic Discrimination in Germany's Labour Market: A Field Experiment, with Leo Kaas
German Economic Review 13(1), 1-20, February 2012

Endogenous Age Discrimination,

Journal of Population Economics 27(4), 1087-1106, October 2014