Courses offered in the field of International Macroeconomics and Finance

Course programme academic year 2019/2020:

Winter 2019/2020

Title Level Instructors ECTS

Makroökonomik I

B.Sc. Müller, Dietrich 6

Makroökonomik II (see Chair for International Economics and module handbook for more information)

B.Sc. W. Kohler, Dietrich 6
Advanced Macroeconomics M.Sc. Manger 9

Master Seminar on Monetary and Fiscal Policy

For further information, see syllabus.


Müller, Wellmann


International Macroeconomics (at University of Hohenheim)

(Blocked course (5 meetings). Substitute for E431 Open Economy Macroeconomics in WS 19/20. Recommended for second year Master students who have a sound knowledge in the field of Macroeconomics. The lecture and the practice class are taught in English)

M.Sc. Evers (University of Hohenheim) 6

Summer 2020 (preliminary)

Title Level Instructors


International Money and Finance B.Sc. Müller, Dietrich 6

Bachelor Thesis Seminar

B.Sc. Müller 12

Advanced Labor Economics

M.Sc. Manger 6
Monetary Economics (blocked course) M.Sc. Wolf 6
Master Seminar on Macroeconomic Expectations M.Sc. Müller, Niemann 9

Master thesis

We supervise Master theses related to ongoing work at the chair. Topics may be of empirical or theoretical nature and include

  • Macroeconomics
  • Monetary economics
  • Fiscal policy
  • Open economy macroeconomics
  • Labor economics (with Prof. Manger)

In order to find a suitable topic, you should have successsfully attended courses (and/or the master seminar) that are offered by the team. In this way, you can make sure that you are already familiar with theoretical models and empirical methods that are helpful in successfully writing a Master thesis under supervision of our team.


The School of Business and Economics runs a common mechanism for Master thesis registration aiming at good matches in line with student preferences. Therefore, the student dean's office provides a short survey at the end of each semester. The survey asks about which modules you have already taken, your grades and the work unit (i.e. team) you would like to be supervised by. Based on this survey, students will be distributed to the work units (teams). The next survey will take place at the end of summer semester 2020 (for writing a Master thesis during winter semester 2020/2021). Please be aware that we can only supervise your thesis if you have successfully participated in the survey.

Further information regarding formal guidelines and the content of the Master thesis can be found here.

For the formal registration of the Master thesis, you have to fill out the registration form and bring it to the examination office during their office hours. Afterwards, they will send you a form where you have to specify a title and the deadline for submitting your Master thesis. Please bring this form along during office hours of Professor Müller to fill it out and have it signed by Professor Müller. Once he has signed the form you can hand it in at the examination office during their office hours. Then, the official period of time to work on your thesis starts.

Please also check the guidelines (Prüfungsordnung) provided by the examination office with respect to formal requirements and information regarding the timeline for the work on your thesis.