Economic Theory

E551: Master Seminar on "Resources, Innovation and Growth"

Level Master Programm is


Time First organizational meeting: April, 26., 10:00h (directly after the lecture in Economic Growth)
Room Nauklerstr. 47, 3rd floor
Credits 9 ECTS

via e-mail (manfred.stadler[at]

until April, 29., 2019

Further Information

The Seminar on “Resources, Innovation and Growth“ is aimed at all Master students currently visiting or having visited the lecture on “Economic Growth”. The topics focus on the influence of resources on innovation and growth in closed and open economies where resources include not only natural resources but also skilled labor and human capital, government expenditure and public infrastructure as well as sustainability of environment and climate. Precondition for participation is some basic knowledge of dynamic optimization techniques.


If you are interested in participating, please come to the first organizational meeting and sign up for the seminar by sending an email with subject “Seminar registration” to manfred.stadlerspam together with your transcript of records not later than April 29., 2019.


Participants are requested to give a presentation (limited to 20 minutes) and to write a seminar paper (about 12 pages). While you are expected to work thoroughly through the paper, you should also do some additional research on related articles relevant for your research question. After the presentation, you have two additional weeks to finish your paper which must be submitted electronically (in pdf-format) to the email address above. Criteria for grading are (i) self-dependence in preparing the presentation and the seminar paper, (ii) clarity and persuasiveness of the presentation and the seminar paper, and (iii) taking an active part in the seminar.


The program is available here.