School of Business and Economics

International Study Programs

In line with the "Bologna Process" of the EU" we have developed two Bachelor and four Master programs relating to International Economics, as well as International Business Administration:

Programs begin in the winter term only.

The M.Sc. in International Economics, Economics and Finance, Economics European Economics and Management & Economics can be studied entirely in English.
Based on the above programs, we cooperate with a number of universities from different countries. We offer several double-degree-programs in cooperation with the Universities of Pavia, Italy, the EM Strasbourg in France, the University of Adelaide and the University of Nottingham. Within the M.Sc. in International Business, students spend a year abroad in either Asia or in Africa.

In addition we participate in the Erasmus-Program and have established student exchange relationships with universities in Brazil. Finally, there are ample opportunities to pursue student exchange relying on our Akademisches Auslandsamt, where different programs are coordinated for the University of Tübingen as a whole, including partner universities in the USA, Canada, Latin America, Africa, China, Japan, as well as universities in Australia and New Zealand.

The School of Business and Economics always looks forward to welcoming students from abroad.