School of Business and Economics

Stay in touch!

Those who leave Tübingen usually find it difficult to say goodbye. But the end of your studies, your work or your research and teaching activities in Tübingen does not necessarily mean the end of your connection to the university and the faculty. We would be delighted if you kept in touch with us and other alumni through our alumni network. Benefit from our special offers for alumni. For example, our alumni events are always a good opportunity to visit Tübingen again. Become part of our active network!

In addition to the university, other institutions are of particular interest to our alumni: The WiWi-Netzwerk e.V. and related foundations and endowments.

The non-profit association WiWi-Netzwerk e.V. would like to keep all WiWi graduates together in a network, promote exchange among themselves and with the university and also support teaching and students in the department.

Various foundations, in particular the Friedrich List Foundation, are very close to the Department of Business and Economics and support it with regular contributions.