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On this page you can find comprehensive information about the foundations and endowments related to our school - click on the grey boxes to display more information about the respective foundation/endowment. We would be delighted if your donation to the List Foundation would help us to improve teaching and research by, for example, making it possible to purchase new books for our library that otherwise could not have been financed.

Detailed information on the endwoments/ foundations

Freidrich - List - Foundation

Friedrich - List - Foundation

According to its regulations, the Foundation's purpose is to support "the Tübingen teaching and scientific efforts in economy and law". In 1935, it was founded as a so-called "Stiftung bürgerlichen Rechts" (civil law foundation), i.e. as an incorporate capital stock. This fund had been built up since the inflation years after WWI. During the monetary reform after WWII the fund was lost. When the foundation was refounded in 1955 it had to face limited financial resources, mainly extraordinary funds of particular chairs. The chairs' funds were pooled in 1970 in order to serve the common interest. Thanks to numerous bounties, especially of Faculty Alumnis, the foundation's capital stock re-increased. According to the newly fixed regulations of 1979, the Executive Board decides about how to appropriately fund certain purposes. Moreover, the directorate decides about which projects should be supported. It consists of the Faculty Professors, the University Chancellor and the Dean of the Faculty of Law. The Executive Board is elected by the directorate.

Serving its purpose, the Friedrich List Foundation regularly supports the Faculty of Economy and Business Administration, especially in terms of literature acquisition. Furthermore, the Foundation supports the various chairs in terms of guest lectures and excursions, non-resident seminars, etc. Moreover, it stands in for a set of cases not considered in the university budget: Paper grants, translation grants, financial support for running international relations and organizing events like doctorate ceremonies, symposia, inaugural lectures and good-bye lectures, etc.

Since 1979, the Foundation arranges the discussion group "Gesprächskreis Tübinger Wirtschaftswissenschaftler: Wirtschaftswissenschaft und Wirtschaftspraxis" ("Tübingen scientists: Economics and economic practice") on a regular basis. The purpose of the event is the get-together of graduates and students and the scientific discussion between them.

These events aim at supporting and advancing the cooperation between theory and practice. Faculty alumni employed in important economic or political positions give speeches on interesting issues from their field of activity which always encourages vivid scientific discussions. Furthermore, personal conversation can develop the contacts between alumni and students and the bond of the alumni towards the faculty and the Alma mater Tubingens can be strengthened.

Traditionally the evening get-together takes place in the romantic atmosphere of the Bebenhausen cloister. To many alumni this is the opportunity to refresh study contacts and make some new ones. For the Friedrich List Foundation, the Bebenhausen event is important as it motivates many alumni to contribute towards the fund, which ensures the work of the Foundation.

The foundation is located at Nauklerstr. 47 in 72074 Tübingen.
The current Executive Board: Prof. Dr. Christian Koziol (chairperson) and Prof. Werner Neus.


Werner Diez Foundation

For more than fifty years, Dr. Werner Diez (†) was actively involved in his department and the former Faculty of Economic Sciences. He regularly provided donations in support of the faculty, thus facilitating many purchases. Werner Diez died on May 29th, 2011. Due to his tireless work for the Tübingen Department of Economics, his personality and name will always be remembered!

Werner Diez was a graduate of the former Faculty of Economic Sciences and celebrated the fiftieth anniversary of his doctorate in 2003, the same year when he was awarded the Silver University Medal for his outstanding services to the University of Tübingen. Born in 1929, the economist became a certified public accountant and tax consultant after completing his studies. Diez was one of those people who had not forgotten their years at the former Faculty of Economic Sciences. Diez often described his university education as the basis for success in his profession. From his teacher, Professor Johns (Chair of Business Administration), he had learnt the "interest in business administration that forms action". At the same time, however, he turned his practical experience into science. Following the foundation of the List-Fest, he donated a considerable amount of money every year to that endowment. Hardly anyone is like Werner Diez who used scientific tools, practical experience and personal persuasiveness to support mid-sized ventures. In 1989 he was awarded the Ferdinand-von-Steinbeis Medal for this work. Without personalities like Werner Diez, many investments in the former Faculty of Economic Sciences would not have been possible in the past. Special thanks are due to him for this. More details about the life of Wernder Diez can be found here.

The close ties to the Friedrich List Foundation, which Werner Diez has expressed for so many years in the form of regular donations, led to the establishment of his own foundation in 2003. The assets of the Werner Diez Foundation are held in trust by the Friedrich List Foundation, as the Werner Diez Foundation is a non-profit foundation.

The Foundation's funds are primarily used to acquire specialist literature in the fields of business administration, auditing, tax and company law.

The Werner Diez Prize is awarded to the best degrees in the integrated binational degree programmes of the department.

The Werner Diez Room, an additional lecture hall for students, was inaugurated at the end of 2009. This was preceded by a generous donation from Werner Diez, which contributed to the conversion of the former archive into a lecture hall with modern presentation technology.

Werner Diez was a successful alumnus whose wish was to help the School of Business and Economics permanently - and who pursued this goal tirelessly. By his contribution to our department, he became a role model and an incentive for others to do the same.

Until the end, Dr. Werner Diez supported the alumni work of the department. Shortly before his death he joined the newly founded Alumni- und Förderverein WiWi-Netzwerk Tübingen e.V. (WiWi Network Tübingen). The WiWi-Netzwerk honoured the outstanding personality of Werner Diez with his posthumous appointment as first honorary member.

Donations in support of the Werner Diez Foundation can be addressed to: Friedrich List Foundation, intended purpose: "Werner Diez Foundation", Kreissparkasse Tübingen, account no. 231 020 (bank code 64150020).

Dr. Rolf Wagner-Stiftung

Students of economics have the opportunity to apply for a scholarship from the Dr. Rolf Wagner Foundation.

About Dr. Rolf Wagner

Dr. Rolf Wagner studied economics in Tübingen and Zurich from 1962 to 1968, after which he received his doctorate. He worked as an entrepreneur in the clothing and textile industry in the Zollernalb region. Dr. Rolf Wagner expressed his wish to award scholarships to students of economics as follows:

"Although everyone has to deal with and is influenced by economics in his or her lifetime, only very few are prepared for this challenge. That is why I would like to make a small contribution to teaching basic economic knowledge at schools and to enabling students to complete a university course in economics that they may not be able to afford without support".

More information about the Dr. Rolf Wagner Foundation can be found here, for more information about the scholarship please follow this link to our scholarship page.

Bank data "Friedrich List"

Kreissparkasse Tübingen:
Account Number: 231 020, Bank Code: 641 500 20,
SWIFT-BIC: SOLADES1TUB, IBAN: DE26 6415 0020 0000 2310 20
Deutsche Bank Tübingen:
Account Number: 15 314 66, Bank Code: 640 700 85,
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