School of Business and Economics

Special teaching and learning opportunities to mitigate pandemic-related learning gaps

With these offers, the school would like to support students in the Bachelor's and Master's programs in different phases of their studies. Please do not hesitate to take advantage of these offers! The staff of the school is happy to take the time within the framework of this project to advise and coach you on the various topics.

Coaching Academic Writing

academic writing for students of business & economics

New offer for academic writing for students of business & economics On Friday the 3rd of June, an academic writing course takes place at Hörsaal 21 Kupferbau, Hölderlinstraße 5. The course aims at preparing students for writing an own thesis (e.g. seminar paper or Bachelor-/Masterthesis). The course tackles questions on literture search, structuring the thesis, finding a research question and story telling. The course is taught in English. If you are interested in participating or have any questions, please directly contact sarah.diederichspam

A German language event can be found here:

Additional support for seminar theses

This semester we are offering additional consultation services for students who are in the process or preparing to wirte their Bachelor/ Master thesis. In this way, we are not only providing students with additional resources but are also taking the special pandemic situation into account, in which students were and are faced with particular challenges.

For Bachelor Students, we will hold an additional mid-term consultation session, in which key topics relevant to sucessfully complete their thesis will be revisited and students will additionaly have the opportunity to raise further questions or queries.

For Master students, we will be offering additional online on-demand consultation encompassing further topical and method-specific coaching.

Any interested students can contact Daniel Pauser, research assistant at the Chair of International Business, directly to register or make an appointment (daniel.pauserspam

Individual mentoring for quantitative bachelor's and master's theses

For empirical Bachelor's and Master's theses, we offer personal support with questions and problems regarding the structure, data collection, and/or quantitative analysis and evaluation, especially, but not exclusively, when using the statistical software STATA. Regardless of whether you are still brainstorming or have already reached your conclusion, we are available to advise you in one-to-one meetings – separate from your subject-specific requirements and arrangements with your supervisor.
We offer weekly consultations on Tuesdays, from 2-5 pm. If you would like to take advantage of this support option, please register in advance with Laura Radatz laura.radatzspam or Sophia Jung sophia.jungspam

Academic Coaching

Selection and accreditation of courses for the semester abroad

The confirmation for the semester abroad is finally here! During the pandemic, many students could not or did not want to do a semester abroad. In the coming winter semester, more students will go abroad again. But what do you have to consider organizationally? One of the most important points is course planning. For the courses taken abroad to be accredited at the home university, a few things should be considered.

Therefore, on Friday, June 24, at 10 a.m. (Lecture Hall 21, Kupferbau), we will offer an information event on course selection and accreditation, in which we will explain what to consider when selecting courses before the semester abroad and how the courses can be successfully accredited after the semester abroad. Registration and information at  raphael.moritzspam

Individual consultation hour on course selection and accreditation

The semester abroad is just around the corner, and you still have individual questions or problems with course selection and accreditation? Or have you just completed your semester abroad and still have individual questions about credit transfer? Then we can help you in an individual consultation. If you are interested, please contact raphael.moritzspam

Coaching mathematical intuition

This coaching aims at giving students the opportunity to grasp the intuition behind mathematical methods, as they are used by economists. Possible topics are utility and production functions, Lagrangians and optimality conditions. Exact topics and dates will be set in accordance with students. If you are interested in participating, please write an  e-mail including the name of your study programme, the degree it aims at (Bachelor/Master) as well as an exact topic to Jonas Adolph (research assistant at the Department of International Macroeconomics and Finance): jonas-daniel.adolphspam

Learning Material Academic Writing

OER material development for scientific writing processes

At the Research group for Economic Education and Economic Didactics, materials for the support of scientific writing are being further developed. These are self-learning materials that can also be used flexibly by lecturers in the context of Bachelor seminars. The self-study material covers the entire research process, starting with the research question, the presentation of the methodological approach and the results, and the discussion of the findings of the bachelor's or master's thesis. All materials are made available as Open Educational Resources.

Offers for international and refugee students

professional coaching in the field of business administration (bachelor's and master's level) for refugee and international students

Refugee and international students now have the opportunity to participate in professional coaching in the field of business administration (bachelor's and master's level). This is intended to compensate for socio-economic disadvantages and the language barrier. In addition, no social integration took place at the university during the pandemic. Interested students can contact Stefan Moderau, research assistant at the Chair of International Business Taxation, directly (stefan.moderauspam