School of Business and Economics

Business and Economics in Tuebingen top notch

Top grades for the School of Business and Economics in the latest German Ranking

The business administration students at the University of Tübingen consider the general study situation and the range of courses offered by their school as excellent. The current CHE university ranking, which has been published in the new ZEIT study guide 2020/21 assessed this. Tübingen is also ranking among the top Universities according to the following criteria: "graduation within a reasonable time", "examinations", "study organisation" and "support for studying abroad".

We have now also been ranked among the top schools with respect to "Support at the beginning of studies". With numerous introductory events, a preparatory course in maths with comprehensive self-study elements and many courses for the acquisition of study-relevant skills such as semester planning, examination management or studying with a family- the University of Tübingen provides first-year students with all the necessary tools for successful studying.

In economics, Tübingen is ranked among the top schools according to the following criteria: exam organization, the degrees reached within an appropriate time in their Bachelor's degree, as well as to the category support at the beginning of their studies. Importantly, the professors of economics are also in the top group as far as publications are concerned.

The new results show that the effort we make to continuously improve our programs are successful, and we’ll take the results into account in our internal quality management processes. They are certainly a motivation to implement further improvements.

Prof. Brahm, Associate Dean Academic

The results of the university ranking of the Centre for Higher Education Development (CHE) have been published on May 5, 2020 in the new ZEIT Studienführer (study guide) 2020/21. One third of the
subjects are re-evaluated every year. The detailed results are available at

The next ranking for economics will be published in 2023.