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Frequently asked questions when applying for a bachelor programme

1. When is the application deadline?

You'll have to upload Your application until July 15, midnight in the Online-application platform.

2. What kind of documents have to be included into the application?

Please follow the Online Application platform. You'll have to upload your school leaving certificate (Abiturzeugnis), further certificates proving extra qualifications and your study assessment test result.

3. Can I apply for two study courses?

Yes, you can apply for up to three study courses; all applications are equivalent.

4. Can I hand in my certificates later?

No, all documents have to be turned in by July 15 (for the bachelor courses).

5. Where do I send my application to?

Please apply via the online platform. You will not be asked to hand in paper work anymore.

6. Is there a restricted admission (nc) for the bachelor programs?

We'll consider the grade of your school leaving certificate, and, additionally, criteria prooving Your working or overseas experience. Therefore, we can't tell You precisely what grades You need. In the last years, the nc was between 1.6 and 2.5. Here, You'll find additional information.

7. Are there tuition fees?

Currently, Baden-Württemberg charges tuition fees for international students and those seeking a second degree. More information can be found here.

8. I'll spend a year overseas and will only be able to start my studies next year. Can I already apply this year?

When doing a gap year to do voluntary work in the social or environmental sector or a federal volunteer service, a voluntary military service or participating in the "Weltwärts"-programm, you'll be allowed to apply this year. If you are admitted, you can apply again next year and will be admitted preferentially.

9. I am an international applicant or I have passed my A-levels abroad. What do I have to consider?

Here, you can find more information.

10. What is a waiting semester?

10 % of all places are filled according to waiting semesters

The percentage rate of study places for first year students which are assigned according to waiting semesters is 10 per cent of all the places of a study course. Every applicant automatically participates in this system of waiting semesters. Candidates who receive a study place via the criteria of waiting semesters do not participate in the selection process.

Calculation of waiting semesters

In order to assign study places according to waiting semesters, a ranking is created which is independent of the ranking in the selection process. Relevant in this ranking is, above all other criteria, the time which has passed since obtaining the certificate for university matriculation. The duration is measured in semesters. Only within a group with the same waiting semesters, the applicants are ranked according to their grade in the certificate for university matriculation.

For example, someone who has completed vocational training after leaving school and who applies for a study place for the first time at the end of the apprenticeship will be granted with the according amount of semesters as "waiting time". The same applies for stays abroad or a kind of "service" (e.g. social or ecological year).

However, if you are enrolled in a German university, these semesters do not count as "waiting time". These semesters are assessed as so called parking studies and are subtracted from the waiting time. This means we would not recommend to study another subject while waiting for receiving a study place for the actually intended subject because these semesters do not count as waiting time

No connection between waiting time and grade in the certificate for university matriculation

We would like to put an end to a kind of rumour: Some applicants think that each semester of the waiting time means that the grade of the certificate for university matriculation will be better and that they will thus be granted with a study place sooner or later. There is no such regulation!

11. What is a degree in another field ("Zweitstudium") and how do I apply for it?

If you have already graduated and have a first degree, you can opt for studying another field.

If you are an applicant for a study course with limited places and if you have already finished a study course at a German university, you always have to apply directly at the "Studentenabteilung". This also applies for study courses in which the normal selection process is managed by the faculty. For this purpose, there are special application forms.

Baden-Württemberg charges tuition fees for international students and those seeking a second degree. More information can be found here.

N.B.! A M.Sc. study course is not a second degree as it is a consecutive study system.

12. Can I simultaneously earn two degrees and how can I apply?

If You wish to apply for a second study program while still studying the first program, we will call that a "Parallelstudium".

Currently, Baden-Württemberg charges tuition fees for international students and those seeking a second degree. Tuition fees can be charged for a second study program, if the first program is finished. More information can be found here.

In order to apply for a "Parallelstudium", You'll have to study at least in the second semester within your first study program. For a successful application, You'll need the approval of the Faculty You started to study at. You can find further information here.

13. What is a hardship case?

A social hardship case is given if the applicant is disadvantaged by sanitary, familial and social circumstances at such a rate that the rejection would unbearablely stress him or her. Up to 5% of the study places are accorded to hardship cases. You will receive more detailled information directly at the Studentensekretariat.

14. Where can I address further questions I might have?

If You have further questions regarding the application process, please contact us at bewerbungspam

We'll also be glad to talk to You face to face. Please finde the details here.