School of Business and Economics

Building restoration Mohlstraße 36

Dear students, Sir or Madam

The Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences and the School of Business and Economics as the users of the building located at Mohlstraße 36 were informed a while ago that the restoration of the building’s fire-protection infrastructure would be necessary. The owner of the building (the federal state of Baden-Württemberg) and the users had tried at first to have the restoration carried out during ongoing university business. This has proven to be unrealistic.

Given this situation, we have decided that it would be the best solution for everyone involved that the building be closed completely for the time of the restoration. This seems to be the only way to guarantee continued successful teaching and research activities without impairments from construction noise and dust.

Based on the information given by the Baden-Württemberg State Office for Property and Construction we expect the building to be closed for a minimum period of 2 years, and that the School of Business and Economics will move back by winter semester 2020/2021 or by summer semester 2021. The university has closed off the building now and all users will have moved out soon.

During the last few months we have worked hard to find good alternatives for the Mohlstraße 36 building. Please find a list of the most important measures below:

Most important measures


Chairs previously located at Mohlstraße 36 have moved to other buildings.

As soon as the relocation from Mohlstraße is completed, the School will put up signs to this effect.

Seminar and Lecture Rooms

We took a number of individual steps to ensure good studying and learning conditions. Our main objective was to make sure that students will continue to be able to attend classes in the compact area of the Tübingen valley.

  • The Academic Affairs Office has undertaken a “stress test” to assess space requirements when the building at Mohlstraße 36 is no longer available. Results of this test have shown that most of the lectures and seminars in business and economics taking place on a regular basis can continue on the Central Administration premises. The allotment of spaces for the upcoming winter semester has been successfully completed.
  • At the recently rented spaces at Nauklerstraße 50, an additional seminar room with seating for 30 people will be set up to be used from October 2018. At Nauklerstraße 47, the new seminar room U006 (seating 30) will be more suitable than the previous media room with seating for only 18 people.  
  • The Academic Affairs Office is in contact with numerous institutions and businesses in Tübingen so that alternative locations may be accessed if required (in particular for block seminars).
  • Staff numbers have been increased at the Academic Affairs Office to respond quickly to problems arising from room reservation issues.

At this stage, we do not expect substantial impairments or unfavorable consequences for lectures and seminars so that study conditions with respect to the room situation will remain largely unaffected.


  • All key textbooks that were designated as key references in the main lectures (“Lehrbuchsammlung”) will continue to be accessible at the main University Library.
  • All Chairs have specified the book requirements that are crucial for their respective subject matters, i.e. to prepare for exams or theses and assignments. This stock of books will be available partly at the University Library (University Library Ammerbau, level 3, adjacent to the book stock of the School of Business and Economics, approx. 500 important textbooks), and partly at the individual Chairs. The book stock will continue to be listed in the library catalogue.
  • Please notify the teaching staff of any requests to purchase new textbooks and other study literature. Copying and scanning facilities are available at Nauklerstraße 47 (see notice boards). The EIKON database may be used via the Business and Economics IT services: ausleihe.pclspam Any queries concerning the library services may be directed towards: bibliothekspam
  • There will no changes to access to electronic papers and magazines.
  • We are planning to purchase new business and economics textbooks mainly as eBooks.

Learning and Studying Facilities for Students

The temporary closure of the Mohlstraße 36 library during the restoration process means that students will not have access to the studying and learning facilities there, particularly to prepare for exams.

  • At the start of the next semester, the Student Advisory Office will issue a brochure listing all spaces for learning and studying at the libraries. This list also contains spaces that have not been in high demand in the past. You will find more information online.
  • We are planning to open the meeting room at Nauklerstraße 47, ground floor, (Gebhard-Müller-Saal) for study and learning purposes as soon as possible during exam periods (towards the end of each semester).

After Restoration

The closure of the Mohlstraße 36 building makes a general restoration possible that goes far beyond mere fire protection measures. Comprehensive decontamination, the renovation of the heating system, electricity, wiring, and lighting systems, the acoustic insulation of seminar rooms, the fitting of new sanitary installations and windows, and the installation of new technology in lecture and seminars rooms are all planned as well. We expect the building to be substantially improved after the closure and restoration process. At the same time, the School of Business and Economics very much appreciates that, in the course of the restoration, various contaminants and harmful substances that have been used in the building, which were typical of the time when the building was erected, will be removed.

Furthermore, numerous new work spaces for students will be put in place in the library, partly with IT facilities, and partly as group and as individual work spaces. We invite you to share any ideas you might have about aspects that need to be considered for the restoration.

Kind regards


Prof. Dr. Georg Wamser

Associate Dean Academic

Prof. Dr. Dominik Papies

Head of School