School of Business and Economics

Tübingen School of Business and Economics is outstanding

Top grades for the school in latest German Ranking

Students of Business and Economics at the University of Tuebingen are very satisfied with their general study situation and the range of courses offered by their school. This is reflected in the current ranking of the prestigious German Centre for Higher Education (CHE), published in may 2017. The top group was also reached in the categories "Graduation in reasonable time" and "Stays abroad".

In terms of international orientation, the school was able to improve significantly once again and now also achieves top marks there. No wonder - more than 60% of the students spend at least one semester at one of the more than 40 partner universities, the achievements can be credited unproblematically.

The new results show that the effort we make to continuously improve our programs are successful, and we’ll take the results into account in our internal quality management processes. They are certainly a motivation to implement further improvements.

Prof. Wamser, Associate Dean Academic

The CHE-ranking evaluates a third of the main subjects each year. For the results in detail, please visit

The next ranking for economics will be published in 2020.