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Lecture Series Architecture today: Dr. Joan Clos with Dr. Ursula Schwitalla


Tübinger Kunstgeschichtliche Gesellschaft e. V. (TKG)

In 1973 the „Tübinger Kunstgeschichtliche Gesellschaft e.V.“ was founded as a supportive association for the Institute of Art History and the Graphic Collection of the University of Tübingen. In the statues of the association the main goal is “to strengthen the scientific interest in art history especially in the region of Southern Germany. Especially the Institute of Art History at the University of Tübingen and its scientific work in research and academic training is being supported.” The association’s goals are directly and exclusively non-profit. The association contributes regularly to the library and the Graphic Collection of the Institute of Art History.
The TKG offers its members lecture sessions, excursions and guided tours in exhibitions during the semester as well as the usage of the library at the Institute of Art History. Programs and membership applications can be requested from the association office.


Board of Directors

Ariane Koller

Dr. Ariane Koller


Prof. Dr. Anna Pawlak


Dr. Ursula Schwitalla


Prof. Dr. Ernst Seidl


Association Office

Vivian Schatz
Kunsthistorisches Institut
Bursagasse 1
72070 Tübingen
Tel.: (07071) 29-78554 oder (07071) 29-78557
Fax: (07071) 29-5304
E-Mail: tkgspam



Would you like to become a member of the TKG? Here you can download the German Membership application.

Kreissparkasse Tübingen (BIC: SOLADES1TUB)
IBAN: DE14 6415 0020 0000 6155 50