Institute of Classical Archaeology

Prof. Dr. Richard Posamentir


Interdisziplinäre Analyse kultureller Kontakte in antiken Randzonen: funded by Ministerium für Wissenschaft, Forschung und Kunst, Baden-Württemberg (120.000€; 12.2009 - 02.2014).

Litterae Aureae: Research project on reading ancient dedicatory inscription, roman east.

Surveyprojekt Herakleia am Latmos: Survey project Herakleia on Latmos; funded by the Gerda Henkel foundation and the German Archaeological Insitute.

Aufarbeitung des Surveyprojektes Anazarbos (2004 - 2008): Ceramics, architecture and necropolises; funded by the Fritz Thyssen foundation.

Archaic-ionic imported pottery from Berezan

Surveyprojekt Cosa: Geophysical survey of the city area; Co-operation with the Folrida State University, Tallahassee. See also