Institute of Prehistory, Early History and Medieval Archaeology

Prehistory and Medieval Archaeology


Medieval Archaeology is integrated as one part in the new B.A.-Course "Prehistory and Medieval Archaeology". It is possible to consider more intensive with Medieval Archaeology as a major field of study. The same holds true for the M.A.-Course "Prehistory".

A specialization offers the M.A.-Course "Medieval Archaeology". In the medium term is also a participation in the european M.A.-Course "Historical Archaeology" conceivable.


Aim of Medieval Archaeology is to reconstruct the living reality of the medieval people and to develope and carry forward comprehensive questions. This happen on the basis of archaeological sources (mobile realia, immobile structures), which cover a lot of social and functional areas. They will be anlysed together with cultural and scientific methods and other medieval disciplines. This requires various approaches, methods and mentalities.

Although it is nit mentioned in the name there are also questions for the Early Modern Times. The border between medieval and mordern times is for archaeology and its material sources not taken as granted as for history and its written sources. This does not mean thar the shift around 1500 has no meaning for archaeology whereby the increase of historical sources must be pointed out: The conference together with the Deutschen Gesellschaft für Archäologie des Mittelalters und der Neuzeit "Das 15. und 16. Jahrhundert: Archäologie einer Wendezeit" (Castle Hohentübingen, February 2007), had showed this field.

Student Counselling

Student counseller for Medieval Archaeology is Christoph Fahrion, M.A. - And do not hesitate to contact the Fachschaftsvertreter.

For a first impression and overview you can read the following books:

Günter P. Fehring, Die Archäologie des Mittelalters. 3. Aufl. (Stuttgart bzw. Darmstadt 2000).
Barbara Scholkmann, Das Mittelalter im Fokus der Archäologie. Sonderheft Archäologie in Deutschland (Stuttgart 2009).
Stadtluft, Hirsebrei und Bettelmönch. Die Stadt um 1300 (Stuttgart 1992).

You can find these books in your city library, regional library (University library, Württembergian State library in Stuttgart and the Baden State library in Karlsruhe) or in the bookselling.