Korean Studies

Vereinigung für Koreaforschung

Reimbursement Information


The costs for one night (Nov. 14/15, 2014) at Hotel Domizil and Hotel Krone will be covered. The costs will be directly invoiced to the organizers.
The hotels will calculate the remaining costs individually for each participant staying there excluding the night from Nov, 14-15, 2014.

If you have booked at another hotel, we are sorry that we will not cover these costs.

Please give us notice if you do not intend to stay at all at the conference hotels to enable us to cancel the rooms.


The travel costs of European participants will be reimbursed up to the amount of 250 EUR per person within Europe (only economy class). We would be very thankful if you use the least expensive transportation that is possible for you.

Please note, that travel costs of participants from Korea will not be eligible for reimbursement at all. (That includes also any transportation within Europe, f.e. from Frankfurt to Tübingen etc.)

The reimbursement form is available for download:

It will also be handed out during the conference. Please send the signed form and the original receipts until Nov. 25, 2014 to Jee-Un Kim / Koreanistik Tübingen after the conference.