Korean Studies

Library of the Department for Korean Studies

Using the Korean Studies Department library during the digital summer semester of 2020: UPDATE April 22, 2020

Due to the limited space available, the library will be closed for the public until further notice.

It is possible to visit the library for quick research or borrowing books by booking a 30-minute time slot one week before.

Time slots can be booked on the following webpage calender (booking a time slot). Please enter your full name and E-mail-address when booking a slot. You will recieve a confirmation E-mail with the time slot information after the booking is completed. Please do not book multiple slots at once, since resources are limited. 

It is possible to borrow up to three books for one week during the summer semester of 2020. The books and a note can be placed on the table infornt of the library when returning the books. The borrowing of books via E-mail without research in the library is still possible. Please send us the name and signature of the requested books (up to three) and the preferred pick-up date via E-mail. We will place the books (if available) on the table in front of the library at the day of pick-up. The deadline for the return of the books is one week.

In some cases the deadline can be extended further. In that case, please contact us via E-mail.

The department library will be closed for the public until further notice. In urgent cases please contact our library staff: bibliothekspam prevention@koreanistik.uni-tuebingen.de 

If a book is needed urgently, we kindly request to send us an E-mail with the following information:

1. Wich books are to be borrowed (Maximum of 3 books). Please use the University library's OPAC.

2. Why do you require these books. (Thesis papers and other important works are regarded as urgent cases)

We remind you, that doing research in the library is not permitted due to the small space available at this time and apologize for the inconvenience.

We will process your requests as quickly as possible. We will let you know if the requested books are available and when they can be picked up. These books will be placed on a table in front of the library for pick-up.

In case the front door is closed, please call the following number: 07071-29 72723

Returning books during lockdown

Deadlines for returning books are void until further notice. Please refrain from returning books in person at this time.

Return deadlines will likely come back into effect after regular business is continued and the department is reopened for the public.

In special cases it is possible to return books to the library via mail.

Koreanistik Bibliothek
Wilhelmstraße 133
72074 Tübingen

Please contact the department library beforehand.
bibliothekspam prevention@koreanistik.uni-tuebingen.de

Guideline for separate book lending

Via our separate book lending students can borrow

for up to two weeks

Please note that only books that are related to the thesis' topic can be borrowed for the B.A.- or M.A.-thesis via our separate book lending.

The department reserves the right to request the return of a borrowed book before the deadline for special reasons. The borrowing student has the legal responsibility to return these books ahead of the deadline.

As with regular book lending, the student can be fined for the belated return or loss of a borrowed book. 


  1. The student fills out the contact form for the separate book lending.
  2. The student places a information card (given by the librarian) at the borrowed books place on the shelf, containing the following information:

 author, title and signature of the book
separate book lending
 return date (form and information card will be stamped simultaneously)

Information regarding the semester break

During the semester break up to 3 books can be borrowed due to the closing of the library. Please notice, that borrowed books have to be returned during the first two days of the new semester. Late returns will be fined with 1 Euro per book and day. We will provide further information on when the library will be open during the break and re-open after the new semester starts on our "news & events" page as well as our facebook page.


Using the Central library's OPAC (using title, author, etc.)
Central Library

Using "Blauer Leihverkehr":

Link to the field-specific library for East- and Southeastasian research CrossAsia

Focus areas of the collection (alphabetical order):

The Korean studies department library is a reference library. It comprises of the most extensive collection of journal articles of all european Korean studies seminars. Transcription of Korean titles is done using McCune-Reischauer. Enrolled students are able to borrow titles from the library.