Social and Cultural Anthropology

International Workshop: Decolonizing Academia ? - Opportunities, Perspectives and Academic Responsibility

13th July 2019, Schloss Hohentübingen, Klassische Archäologie R 165, 09.30-19:00 Uhr

While an end is attributed to colonization with the decades after the Second World War, the power relations created by colonialism and the accompanying racism are partly still effective. The discussions about decolonization in general and in the context of the university in particular, which has gained more and more attention in recent years, addresses these problems and offers theoretical and practical possibilities for awareness and academic debate.


This workshop offers space for discussions, cooperation and critical debates on the topic of "Decolonizing Academia".  How can the university, academia and society confront the topic of decolonization and continue to advance it, building on the numerous movements and approaches of recent decades, and what are the factors that prevent a broader recognition of the topic of decolonization in research and teaching?


Among other things, the discussion is intended to address the spaces of identity politics, which are often associated with decolonial approaches and receive only limited attention in the German university landscape.  The focus will be on the responsibility of the sciences towards colonial history. The way in which avoiding this responsibility represents a perpetuation of neocolonial power relations, through which the objectification of the other and the Global South is promoted, is a further question.


The workshop will take place at the University of Tübingen  and invites scholars from all disciplines who are concerned with the topic of decolonization in the areas of teaching and research. Nevertheless, the main focus of the workshop will be on the discipline of social and cultural anthropology.


Participation in the workshop is free of charge. Please register via the registration function on this website.

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