Social and Cultural Anthropology

The Anthropological Museum

In the south eastern tower of the castle, you will find the Anthropological Museum. May 28, 1998 marked a celebratory re-opening after renovations, now offering a comprehensive inventory of ca. 4,000 selected pieces to make up the anthropological collection of the South Pacific and South America. [Read more]

The anthropological collection was established in 1919 by Augustin Krämer (1865-1941) from his research trips in the South Pacific. His successor, Elisabeth Gerdts-Rupp (1888-1972)continued afterwards to supervise the collection.

One of the collection’s most valuable items are the Maori wood panels given as a gift to the explorer James Cook (1728-1779) by the Maori princess, Hinematioro, during his sea voyage to the South Pacific.

The anthropologist Dr. Volker Harms tracked down the origin of this panel [Read more] while working with an international research group to document the world’s largest James Cook collection at the University of Göttingen.

This panel also served as an occasion for a visit from an eight-member Maori Delegation from New Zealand during a European tour in 2008 [Read mmore]