Social and Cultural Anthropology

Decentralized consultation for students of our department

Persons in charge

For questions in problems directly related to our department and subject we have two consulatants, Sabine Klocke-Daffa for our B.A. students and  Eva Ambos for our M.A. students. Here you can get advice and help regarding organization, structure and the exams of your courses. If you cannot come to our institute during the consultation hours, please contact our counselors via studienberatungspam Many questions can be answered in our FAQs and in the centralized consultation of the university.



Persons in charge


PD. Dr. Sabine Klocke-Daffa

Winter semester 2019/20

Monday 16:00-19:00

Application via doodle

Please register in time and if you are unable to attend, you can cancel your registration (via doodle and with the lecturer).



Dr. Eva Ambos and Eric Schwabach M.A.

Winter semester 2019/20

Counseling via mail: Erich Schwabach



Appointments: Eva Ambos

Wednesday 10:30 - 11:30

Please make an appointment via email!




Room: 133