Chinese Studies

Dr. Ailika Schinköthe 許艾莉

Lecturer, Department of Chinese Studies, University of Tübingen

Academic Career

Research Focus
In her MA thesis, Ailika Schinköthe focused on the development and “non-development” of the steam engine in Europe and China in the context of the "Great Divergence" debate. In her PhD project, titled “Liu Zhiji's 劉知幾 (661-721) Shitong 史通 and its Revival in the Ming Dynasty: Pacing Historiography Anew," she concentrates on the history of historiography, especially Ming historiography and currents in the Ming dynasty which contributed to tremendous changes in the field of history writing at this time.

Her dissertation "Liu Zhiji's Shitong and its Revival in Ming Dynasty—Pacing Historiography Anew“ (2018) is published online at the webpages of the library of Tübingen University. The translation of the project "Lao qida 老乞大: A Manchu Textbook for Koreans from the Mid-eighteenth Century" has already been partially published on the website In addition, Ailika Schinköthe co-authored (together with Prof. Vogel and Dr. Cao Jin) the translation of Zhu Xia's "The Production of Well Salt by Ethnic Minorities in Pre-modern Yunnan: The 'Illustrations on the Salt Production Methods of Yunnan,'" and contributed several articles in Ulrich Theobald's online encyclopedia

Other Activities
From 2012 to 2016 she was Managing and Production Editor of the journal East Asian Science, Technology, and Medicine. In addition, she collaborated in the restructuring of the website of Tübingen’s Sinology/Chinese Studies Section in 2012, 2016, and 2018.