Chinese Studies

Dr. Werner Burger

Dr. Werner Burger research interests are in the monetary history of China, and its financial and economic aspects. He got his Ph. D. in 1976 for his book Ch’ing Cash until 1735. This was the first time somebody got a Ph. D. in Chinese numismatics, and until today he is the only one. In addition, he published a number of articles on the subject of Ch’ing coinage: “Manchu Inscriptions on Chinese Cash Coins”, in The American Numismatic Society Museum Notes XI (1964); “Um Amuleto em Manchu”, in Boletim do Instituto Luís de Camµes (1969), “Minting during the Qianlong Period: Comparing the Actual Coins with the Mint Reports”, in Christine Moll-Murata, Song Jianze and Hans Ulrich Vogel (eds.), Chinese Handicraft Regulations of the Qing Dynasty (2005); etc. He reprinted a number of rare, long out-of-print numismatic works, like Quanbi zazhi 泉幣雜誌 (1968), Gugong Qingqian pu 故宮清錢譜 (1966), etc.; and wrote the Chinese part in a number of coin catalogues, e.g. Coins of the World 1750-1850, by W.D. Craig (1976). At the moment he is working on the completion of the second part of his book on Ch’ing cash (from 1736 -1911), which then shall be published as one combined volume Ch’ing Cash (1644-1911). He contributes to the research group Monies, Markets, and Finance in China and East Asia, 1600-1900