Chinese Studies

Courses Ulrich Theobald

(selected courses)

Language courses

  • Translation of modern written Chinese into German
  • Business Chinese
  • Classical Chinese
  • Introduction into documentary Manchu

College courses

  • "Chinese studies"

Undergraduate courses

  • Introductory seminars History of Modern China
  • Introductory seminars History of Premodern China (to 1900)
  • Introductory seminars History of Chinese Literature
  • Introductory seminars Chinese Economy
  • Thematic seminars
    • "Reform in China"
    • "China and her northern neighbours"
    • "China's material culture"
    • "Emperors, empresses, and regents in premodern China"
    • "Economy and finance under the Tang dynasty"

Graduate courses

  • Seminars on paradigms, theories and approaches in modern East Asian Studies
    • Economic policy and socialism in the USSR and China
    • Economic development in China
  • Thematic seminars
    • "Propaganda, agitation, and campaigns from Chiang Kai-shek to Xi Jinping"
    • "China and the opium/drug question (1800-today)"
    • "Comparative military history"
    • "China and Japan, 1850-today"
  • Graduate colloquia
  • Training courses in scholarly methods and research tools in Chinese Studies