Japanese Studies

Degree programs in Japanese Studies at the University of Tübingen

Bachelor’s degree in Japanese Studies

Bachelor students majoring in Japanese Studies conventionally complete the course in eight semesters. Classes in the fourth and fifth semesters take place in Japan at the Tübingen University Center for Japanese Studies (TCJS), located at Doshisha University in Kyoto. Students majoring in Japanese Studies require 159 total course credits. In addition to majoring in Japanese Studies, students may select any available BA-minor. Students take a further 21 credits in special coursework providing general information in career development.

Bachelor students minoring in Japanese Studies conventionally complete the program in six semesters and must complete 60 total course credits.

Admission to the bachelor program in Japanese Studies (both major and minor) is limited and can only begin in the winter semester.


Tübingen Center for Japanese Studies (TCJS)
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Master’s degree in East Asian Politics and Society

The interdisciplinary master’s degree in East Asian Politics and Society combines coursework in regional studies for Japan and Greater China with coursework in a modern language (modern Japanese or Chinese) and in the social sciences. The goal of this program is to train specialists who understand and can expertly explain the East Asian region, its social and political dynamics, and can competently analyze the ramifications of these dynamics for Europe. For more specific information, please consult the website for this program.

Master's Program in East Asian Politics and Society (only in German)

Master’s degree in Japanese Studies

Master’s students in Japanese Studies conventionally complete the program in four semesters, including the complete testing phase. This also allows for the time required to write the master’s thesis. Students need a total of 120 course credits to graduate with a master’s degree. Bachelor graduates who have completed the minor in Japanese Studies do not have the necessary prerequisites to enter the program. The master’s exams take four months, and grading includes coursework exams (90 credits), an oral exam (10 credits), and the written master’s thesis (20 credits). Admission into the master’s degree program is not limited but requires an application to the student administration of the University of Tübingen. The application deadline is September 30 of each year and study can only commence in the winter semester. Students who have completed the four-year bachelor’s degree in Tübingen are able to complete the master’s degree in two semesters.

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Doctoral degrees