Social and Cultural Anthropology


Dr. Flora J. Roberts


Contributed to: Robert Bird (editor), Adventures in the Soviet Imaginary: Children’s Books and Graphic Art, University of Chicago Library – exhibition and catalog



  • “A controversial Soviet dam: rivalry and “fraternal cooperation” on the Syr Darya,” Ab Imperio 2/2018, 117-143.

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  • "Cleptocracia, consolidacion de los pactos entre elites y autoritarismo en el Tajikistan de la postguerra (Tajikistan: Kleptocracy, Elite-Pact Consolidation and Authoritarianism in post-war Tajikistan)," Edward Lemon and Flora Roberts, in Francesc Serra Massansalvador and Ferran Izquierdo Brichs (eds.), Poder y regimenes en Asia Central, Serie General Universitaria, Edicions Bellaterra 2018.

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  • Review of Afghan Modern, by Robert Crews, in Central Asian Survey (Vol.36, issue 2, 2017). 

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  • “A time for feasting? Autarky in the Tajik SSR at war, 1941-45” Central Asian Survey (Vol. 36, issue 1, 2017) special issue on “Stalinism and Central Asia: Actors, Projects and Governance.” 

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