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Abteilung für Ethnologie
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Research Projects

Closed Projects


  • Anwendungsorientierte Ethnologie im Spagat zwischen Theorie und Praxis. (Applied Anthropology Torn between Theory and Practice) Interim Conference of the department for education of the DGSKA on the topic "Teaching Anthropology", Heidelberg 2018
  • Global migrations, plural societies and the demand for cultural expertise: Where Anthropologists are needed. IUAES World Congress, Florianopolis/Brasil, 2018
  • Markets of the future: Money, Solidarity and the Cultural Appropriation of Social Insurances in Africa. IUAES World Congress, Florianopolis/Brasil, 2018
  • Partizipative Forschung in Service Learning-Lehrveranstaltungen: Participant Observation als klassische Methode der Ethnologie. (Participative research in service learning courses: Participant observation as a classic method of anthropology)  Student conference of the project Learning and Teaching Science, Tübingen 2018
  • Der Reiter von Südwest reitet nicht mehr. Koloniale Geschichte, "shared heritage" und deutsche Identität in Namibia. TU Dortmund 2018
  • Sambatra - The Cultural Heritage of a Complex Ritual. Intern. Symposium on Cultural History, Madagascar 2017
  • Contested Authorities, Moving Experts and the Quest for Social Justice. CASCA/IUAES Ottawa 2017

Summer Schools


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Contested claims to social welfare: Basic income grants in Namibia. In:, Journal des Fachbereichs Soziologie, Sozialpolitik, Sozialarbeit, Universität Fribourg, Vol. 2/2017, Article 2.3, S. 1-26.


[aktuelles Heft]

The Exhibition "Fluch und Segen von Ressourcen" (Curses and Blessings of Resources) was the first venture into the public of the special research field 1070 RessourcenKulturen which started its work in autumn 2013. The approximately 70 participating scientists of 10 different disciplines who worked on almost 30 projects presented samples of the diversity of the current research projects. They work in Europe, Asia, and Africa and cover a vast period of time, beginning with the Paleolithic Age leading up to the present in order to answer one question: What moves humans?


Accessible to non-specialists and researchers interested in ethnography, this volume offers an introduction into the uses of anthropology for engaging contemporary social issues. The editors’ essay surveys the development of anthropological research from its early exotic, non-Western focus to today’s debate over increasingly engaged approaches within a globalized society. The case studies utilize anthropology’s hallmark ethnographic methodology to address issues ranging from refugee reception and recognition to fair trade, intercultural education, and encounters with Gypsy populations.


Which governmental and civic models and which international aid measures can be employed for dealing with orphans and vulnerable children in Africa? The contributions of the scientists and representatives of aid organizations in this anthology convey a new perspective on childhood in Africa which is characterized by AIDS and poverty, but also by radical modernization. Therefore, this anthology enables a more thorough understanding of the different conditions of childhood and parenthood in the African context.


Courses in the summer semester 2016

Vertiefung Regionale Ethnologie: Afrika (BA-08-1)

(Regional focus anthropology: Africa)

Mon 2-4 pm, c.t. Room 03 Schloss

Referatskolloquium (BA BQ)


Mon 4-6 pm, c.t.

Room 220


Forschung/Anwendung: Kultur als Beruf (BA-05-1)

(Research/practice: Culture as occupation)

Mon 6-8 pm, c.t.

Room 03 Schloss

Bachelor-Kolloqium (BA-11-1)

(BA colloquium)

Wed 9 am - 12 noon, c.t. Room 220 Schloss

Master-Kolloqium (MA-09-1)

(MA colloquium)

Wed 12 noon - 2 pm, c.t. Room 03 Schloss