Institute of Modern History

Collaborative Research Center 923: Threatened Order - Societies under Stress

Since 1 August 2011, the Collaborative Research Center 923 “Threatened Order”, funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG), has been investigating the manner in which various social orders (which can structure social groups or entire societies) change when they face threats to their very existence. Some of the professors and staff as well as PhD students of the Institute of Modern History are part of the CRC as researchers and/or project leaders.

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The Institute of Modern History is involved in the following sub-projects:

E04: After the Stock Market Crash of 1720: Threat Diagnosis and Crisis Management in Paris and London
Project Leaders: Prof. Dr. Renate Dürr, Dr. Daniel Menning
Research Staff: Marlene Keßler, Rafael Streib

E05: Salinization and Soil Degradation as Threats to the Agrarian Orders in Russia, Kazakhstan/Tajikistan and Australia since 1945
Project Leaders: Dr. Jeanne Féaux de la Croix, Prof. Dr. Ewald Frie, Prof. Dr. Klaus Gestwa,
Research Staff: Daniel Rothenburg, Timm Schönfelder, Dr. Tommaso Trevisani

F04: Panama: Re-ordering in the Aftermath of the Darién Scheme, a Failed Scottish Colonial Project (1697/98-1700)
Project Leaders: Prof. Renate Dürr
Research Staff: Marie Schreier

G04: End of Empire. Re-ordering in Australien, Neuseeland und Kanada, 1960-1980
Project Leaders: Prof. Ewald Frie
Research Staff: Maike Hausen, Clara-Maria Seltmann, Sebastian Koch